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Are you a Visionary Investor?

There are lot of condominium properties being offered in Cebu. When I took time to check them out, it derives me to this…

All condos offered are somehow the same. A property with nice amenities accessible to business and commercial sectors.

This observation leads me to be in the shoe of my client.
So I ask myself… if I am the client and my aim is to get a good profit out of the condominium property. Which property will be more appealing to me?

Additional insight that will affect my judgement is what is happening in the island. Cebu infrastructures causes more traffic and creates more hassle to the island. I believe there is a need for Individual developers to synchronize and have a unified plan, may it be guided by a government sector or not that will lead to a better and organized city. This will make Cebu a better place to live in and to do business.

Sad to say, I am asking for a miracle to happen. Hehehe…

From losing hope, things change when I had a chance to go to
Manila. Walking safely in Eastwood and enjoying my dine in one of the nice restaurants in Mckinley hill plus experiencing the terrible traffic of Metro Manila. Combining it all, I see the life I will be living in Cebu 5 years from now.

So I ask myself .. If I am a SMART INVESTOR will I purchase a property the same with the rest, or a property that stands out from the rest?

Accessible to the expanding international airport, this ” Resort City” for sure will attract both locals and foreigners. Having that in mind, the residential property inside a foreigner friendly, well secured , organize, and complete community by the beach, this condominium gives more to what the buyer invest..

With these facts, I am decided but I have to remind myself, I am just a guy who has an ambition ” Ambisyoso”. What I need to ask myself where can I find a ” SMART INVESTOR” or a “VISIONARY INVESTOR”?

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